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The Department of Aging and Disability Services' (DADS) Budget & Data Management Services (BDM) division controls and maintains the agency's budget and budget-related reports.

Blue Book

DADS' Blue Book is published by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS), Office of Budget and Data Management to provide a standard, comprehensive, and easily accessible source of budget and program information.

Funding and Reimbursement

Funding and Reimbursement contains information booklets for State Supported Living Centers that provide an overview of available funding and Medicaid eligibility requirements for residents.


Every two years DADS agency prepares a Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR) that outlines the funding requirements and/or needs for the upcoming biennium.

Operating Budget

Yearly operating budget for DADS.

Performance Measures

Quarterly reports to the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) that compare the agency's actual year-to-date performance of key performance measures to the official targets that have been established in the General Appropriations Act (GAA).

Random Moment Studies

The Random Moment study provides reports of federal studies.

Reference Guide

The Reference Guide is an annual publication that provides an overview of the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). It contains information on how DADS was created, describes the agency's organizational structure, its vision, mission, key responsibilities and guiding principles. It also provides descriptions and eligibility requirements for each of the programs and services administered by DADS as well as demographic and economic data crucial for the Department's planning functions. Lastly, it contains numerous staff directories and program/service contact lists.


Annual comparison reports.

Work Measurement Reports

Work measurement studies use systematic, statistically valid methods for gathering information about the amount of time agency staff spend on key functions and activities within a program and determining the average time it takes to complete various activities.

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